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COVID19 RESPONSE: In line with Government guidance we have made some adjustments to the way we currently deliver our services to ensure that everybody is kept safe.  As of Monday 23rd March all face to face counselling sessions have been suspended and instead we are offering our support through both telephone and online (video link) sessions.

Counselling offers a regular space to talk about the issues that you have in your life. You will meet your counsellor in a private and confidential setting. Your counsellor has the skills and training needed to help you explore your feelings and guide you through the issues affecting your life.  

We currently offer general counselling on a daytime and an evening in addition to counselling services specifically for Carers and Young People.  

Our counselling service is supported by five staff members and a team of volunteer counsellors who are trained to, or currently in the process of training to Diploma Level or equivalent. All of our counsellors are registered with a recognised professional body.

For further information about the counselling we offer and the waiting list status, please click on the tabs to the left.

When counselling may not be appropriate

Counselling is a uniquely personal and voluntary process which, at times, may feel uncomfortable or difficult. If you are in crisis or feel you need immediate support, then counselling is most likely not right for you at this moment in time. Please see our guidance on who you might want to contact.

If you are thinking of counselling but feel anxious or unsure, a member of the counselling team can talk this through with you to help you with your decision.

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1st April 2021 - 30th April 2021, 12:00 - 11:00

Stress Awareness Month 2021

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