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YorChoice Drop-In Sessions

YorChoice drop in (Starting 8th April)  8th - Acomb explore library    11th - York Mind Highcliffe House

More extra information please visit YorChoice drop in support for 14-21 year olds | Yormind  or @chatchitpodcast on Instagram

What is the drop in? 

This drop in will not be a crisis service or a youth club but where a young person can go away feeling like they have been listened to and helped find the right support for them in York.

The aim of the drop is to support you to find what services are available and most appropriate to you in York or give you some tips whilst you might be on a waiting list.

We wont have all the answers but we are hear to listen and try guide you to what might help you with your mental health.

What is on offer?

A home drop in and an outreach drop in that will allow more young people to access the service by having it at different locations

At the home drop in;

At the "Outreach drop in", we will offer a casual approach where a member of staff and some volunteers will be there to have a cuppa with , chat to, play a game with but in a setting which you might be more familiar to you if you live in that area. We might talk to you about other support in York if you want to , or whether you want to talk to you about somethings that might help you on a day to day basis but as always, we will be led by you.

Why might someone attend?   

Who is it for?  

The mental health drop in will be for anyone aged 14-21 (up to 25 for those with SEND) 

If you are thinking "My issues aren't serious enough" then the drop in is where we are here to try and support you and be proactive and prevent things from getting worse.

When and where is it?   

Mondays outreach drop in (4-7pm)  

First 3 months Acomb Explore library   

Thursday Home drop in (4-7pm 

The home drop in will be at York Mind Highcliffe House  

How to access the support?

At the moment no referral is needed, just turn up, fill in a short form an come be part of the drop in. 


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