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Yormind exists to help guide young people to the best and most appropriate support for them, so they honestly know what information and services is out there for them.

What is Yormind?

Yormind is a website designed specifically for young people and it features over 50 different organisations that support young people in York.

It is updated every 6 weeks so that young people and those who support them can trust the information which they are trying to access.

What else is on Yormind? Below are just a few of things we have information about on Yormind.

  • Understanding conditions
  • Misconceptions and frequently asked questions around mental health
  • How to support someone else
  • Coping mechanisms and how to understand them.
  • National services
  • Crisis lines explained.

Who created Yormind?

Hundreds of young people who involved in the creation of Yormind from the wording of the website to what is on it, but it requires collaboration and support from all the organisations who appear on the website to ensure it’s an honest resource.

What is Chat Chit?

Chat Chit is a podcast which interviews a range of people about their experiences of mental health.

What do you talk about on it?

Amongst chatting a lot of chit on the podcast, it focuses on how people were supported through their struggles and how they manage their mental health now. From anxiety to climbing, from low mood to distractions, we cover it all.

Who is it aimed at?

The podcast is for anyone but if you want to find a specific topic then you can find it through the Chat Chit catalogue.

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