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Posted: 14th May 2024

Download Your FREE Wellbeing Planner

We're excited to offer you a free downloadable Wellbeing Planner PDF, designed to help you navigate your mental health journey with purpose and intention. This planner is a collaborative effort brought to you by a team passionate about mental health advocacy and support.

Download your FREE planner here. If you wish, you can donate to our services here at York Mind with any donation you see fit in return for downloading the planner. Whether it be £1, £5, or anything at all – the donation link is at the top of our website. However, there's no obligation to do this, the planner remains free for all.

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Meet the Team Behind the Planner

Beth York Mind's Marketing and Campaigns Coordinator & Freelance Designer
Hey, I'm Beth! With a Masters in Graphic Design focusing on mental health awareness, I've dedicated myself to understanding and supporting mental health journeys. As the creator of this planner, I'm excited to offer you a tool that merges creativity with practicality to enhance your wellbeing.

Simon Head of Corporate Wellbeing Services
Hi, I'm Simon. My career has centered around wellbeing program design and management. At York Mind, I lead the Corporate Wellbeing Team, striving to provide impactful mental health services. I'm committed to fostering environments where mental health is prioritised and supported.

Chris Systems Change Lead
Chris here, behind the scenes of the YorMind website and Chat Chit podcast. My mission is to make mental health information and guidance accessible to all. Let's empower not just the individuals struggling but also those supporting them.

Donna Coach & Owner of Level 10 Ladies Fitness
Hello, I'm Donna! As a coach, I emphasize self-care and small victories in the journey toward mental wellbeing. Through fitness and wellness coaching, I aim to inspire others to cultivate healthy habits and kindness toward themselves.

Stef Experienced Educator and Facilitator
Stef here, with over 26 years of experience working with communities of all ages. In this planner, I share my top tips for nurturing your mental wellbeing, drawing from years of facilitating therapeutic groups and education.

Hannah Certified Mental Health and Exercise Coach
Hey, I’m Hannah! My passion lies in improving mental health through exercise. With only 13% of the population regularly exercising, I'm here to show you the incredible benefits that physical activity can have on your mental wellbeing.

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