York Mind’s MindYourMates campaign – launching September 2018

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Mental health – What’s the problem?

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year – yet many of us find it difficult to know what to say, and how to help someone we know.

The MindYourMates campaign aims to raise awareness of mental health issues, and give practical tips for how to help friends or colleagues who may be suffering.

We’re encouraging lots of York-based businesses and organisations to support better mental health in York, by signing up to the campaign – and we would love it if you could help.


York Mind – who are we?

We’re a mental health charity based in Clifton, York.

You may have heard of us before – we might have worked together to deliver training, or perhaps you’ve done some fundraising for us (thank you!).

An important part of our work is to help York-based employers improve overall mental health amongst their employees & contacts; and raise awareness that our charity is here to help local people when they need support with their mental health.


You can find out more about York Mind’s services here: http://www.yorkmind.org.uk


Key MindYourMates campaign dates

Monday 10th September

(World Suicide Prevention Day)

Campaign launch day
10th Sept to 10th Oct Every Monday throughout the campaign, shareable email content (case studies & top tips) sent to participants & posted online
Monday 8th October           


Campaign finishes


What we would like from you & your organisation:

If your organisation is interested in taking part in the campaign, all that we’d like you to do is:

  • Circulate the weekly content directly with your employees, volunteers or contacts
  • Share our social media content on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages (if you have them)


What’s in it for you?

1 in 4 of your customers, staff and contacts will be affected by mental ill-health.

By visibly supporting better mental health, both amongst your team and with your wider audience, reflects that your organisation is making positive moves to help break down the stigma attached to mental health problems.

With your permission, we will include your organisation’s name in our Press & Media activity.

You’ll also receive an official MindYourMates campaign pack in the post, to help you get started.


Is there any cost?

Not. One. Penny.


Signing up

All you need to do to sign up is:

  1. Email us with the below details
  2. We’ll send you your official MindYourMates pack in the post by Monday 3rd September
  3. We’ll then send you shareable email content every Monday, from Monday 10th September – Monday 10th October


Your organisation name
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Company Twitter handle
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(DATA USAGE: Please note that your information will be held securely by York Mind, only used for the purpose of communications regarding the MindYourMates campaign, and will not be passed to other organisations).