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Young people's (8 to 13) Mentoring Service

SERVICE STATUS: temporarily closed to new referrals

About the Service:

Our mentoring service supports young people aged 8-13 who are experiencing low-mood, anxiety, difficulty managing overwhelming feelings, experience low self-esteem or self-confidence or other symptoms impacting on their mental well-being.  This may be being caused by things such as bullying, isolation, difficulty at school or at home, stress or pressure, a sense of feeling different to peers or  unable to share difficult thoughts or feelings.

How can this help me?

Mentoring provides a safe space for you to talk about your mental health and the experiences you are struggling to manage by yourself. It is one-to-one, and based around your needs.

We help you set goals based around resilience, well-being and confidence. We give you strategies and support to achieve them. The journey towards your goals can help you understand your feelings, look after yourself, gain confidence, see yourself differently and relate to people around you. These strategies can stay with you so you can use them whenever you need them.

You will be matched with a Mentor who you will meet with each week for an hour at our premises at Highcliffe House.  If you are aged 8 to 10 you can access up to 4 months of support, and if you are  aged 11 to 13 you can access up to 6 months of support. 

Referring In:

You can refer yourself or ask a parent/guardian. You can also ask your school, social worker or other service provider. We will be in touch within 2 weeks of receiving your referral to arrange a time to have an initial chat with you by phone. 

Please wait until mentoring is an option on the referral form (accessible here: ). We ask this so that everyone has the same opportunity to access the service.

What will Happen Next?

When we ring you it is an opportunity to share a little bit about your situation, ask any questions and talk  to us about how mentoring might help you. If you feel this type of support would be a good fit, we will then arrange a follow up half hour telephone assessment to ask you a few more questions. 

You will usually have access to a mentor within 6-10 weeks of your telephone assessment.

Contact Information:

If you are referring in on behalf of a young person and have any questions, please contact

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