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You Said... We did...

In order to shape our services we aim to listen, understand and act on what is important to our clients. 

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Your feedback, thoughts and ideas can really make a difference to the services we offer, decisions we make and ultimately the support we provide. If you would like to have your say and tell us what you think about our services please contact us

Below is some of the feedback we have received and what we have done in response:

You Said... 

We Did...

"I would like to have more flexible 1-1 Support" Asset 52@4x

We have recently secured funding for our Staying OK Project to deliver 1-1 telephone support for people who want help with their wellbeing, but don't identify as having mental ill health. These calls will provide support to clients without the formalities of counselling. For more information please see the Staying OK page of our website.

"I've never used Zoom before, can you help me access your Activities on Zoom" Flipchart_RGB_small

To those struggling to use technology to access our groups we can talk you through how to join a group on Zoom. For more information please email or call 01904 643364-option 5.

"How do I know I am safe using Zoom" Book_stack_Blue_on_white_RGB_small

To help clients understand how we make sure they are safe when using Zoom to access Activities we have created a Zoom Agreement which outlines what they can expect from us and other participants. This agreement is send to all participants in our Activities before they start a group.

"Change photo in waiting room slideshow maybe?" Television_RGB_small

We want our visitors to see what we have achieved. We now regularly update the slideshow in our waiting room at Highcliffe House to keep our visitors up to date with what services we are offering and our latest fundraising events.

"Could not access Wi-Fi Service appeared intermittently on my device, but even when it was listed my attempts to enter the password were rejected"smart_phone_RGB_small

We have recently improved our Wi-Fi service and have inputted signs in our waiting room and activity rooms with the log in details so clients can access the Wi-fi.

"I’d like to make a card donation. Is there any way to do that?"collection_tin_with_2_coins_RGB_small

You can make a card donation on our website. Or alternatively, we now have contactless donation boxes within some of the organisations around York that are currently supporting us and at a selection of fundraising events. To see details of our upcoming fundraising event please visit our Events Page.

"I can't print feedback forms and send them to the York Mind Building, can I complete my feedback forms via email?"Postbox_RGB_large

To make it easier to complete forms via email we have converted most of our forms so they can be complete on a computer and emailed back to us.

"How do I know what services you offer without coming to the building to meet a staff member in person" Asset 51@4x

To make sure our clients know what services we have on offer we are regularly updating the How We Help pages of our website and for Activities clients we sending regular mailouts when we have new activities available so they are up to date with what we have on offer.

"I don't want to use the York Mind banner for my fundraising as I am concerned about the environmental impact"Asset 57@4x

We understand the importance of being eco-friendly. To make our fundraising more environmentally friendly we have:
  • replaced single use balloons with reusable paper flags
  • replaced our plastic pens with pens made from recycled materials
  • encouraged our fundraisers to return to us or recycle our plastic banner (this can be recycled with plastic bags)
  • created a bunting template we can email to people to print as and when they need

"Covid-19 has made me feel much more anxious, I am struggling to leave my house now lockdown has eased" Asset 61@4x

We know many of our clients have been negatively affected by the lockdown and government restrictions that have been in place over the summer. To help we have introduced Activities which are specifically designed to help with these struggles. In particular we are delivering Managing Anxieties, Peer Support Groups and Getting Back Outdoors groups. To see more information you can visit our Activities Page.

"Can we have the option of 1-1’s to be requested via video call or text, as well as telephone in the Young People's Service" Asset 49@4x

To make it easier for our clients Young People can now request 1-1 support via text, video chat or over the phone. Please see our Young People's Page for more information. You can also contact our Young people's Team via email at



Asset 56@4x"If it wasn’t for Mind I’d be lost and still broken. The comfort I felt going & every single staff member are gifts from God. Trust them. They are here to help & listen. They sure helped me and I’m learning new things to help with my life on the outside and I’m learning to put myself first & it’s okay. Thank you to the whole team at York Mind"

We want to take this opportunity to thank every one of our supporters, none of this is possible without the support of the York community. We love what we do and we want to continue to improve our services so we can help more people in and around the York area. Please help us do so by providing your feedback, volunteering with us or donating

Thank you!

from The York Mind Team!

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