Dr Ira Laketic-Ljubojevic

Ira is an independent consultant, coach, public speaker and facilitator with fifteen years experience in senior roles – including a chief executive position – in the fields of management and people development. Ira’s expertise over the last twenty years spans public and charitable sectors – she has worked in health, social care & support, housing, informatics and academia. She has clinical, scientific, management and people development education and training. Ira brings together an understanding of leadership capability; management & organisational development; and, individual capability & behaviour to help empower people so they can improve their experience and get the best possible outcome for themselves and their organisations.

Being at the forefront and driving positive and lasting change that promotes health and wellbeing is what matters to Ira in her professional life. Her personal values and unusual life experiences are what drive her to engage with and support people to improve their quality of life and to facilitate equality of opportunity for them. Ira cares about people. That is the driving force behind her passion for quality and improvements in health, care and wellbeing arenas.